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[Featured]: 95%Loss and 5% profit, if MU Kick Van Persie

its undergoing competition 2015-2016. Just having Wayne Rooney and James Wilson as a striker in the front-line, whether Premier League title dreams going backdrift?

Radamel Falcao borrowed from AS Monaco have already returned to France, and even now is already in uniform. Danny Welbeck original cast THY upbringing was already sold to Arsenal's early season 2014-2015. Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez did indeed come back from the loan along with Real Madrid. But the player nicknamed "thepeas was currently experiencing a broken collarbone injury and predictable would be absent long enough. Once again, the MU have only Rooney and Wilson. Is this a joke?

Red Devil indeed just bring in talented young players are Netherlands, Memphis Depay from PSV Eindhoven. Gelontoran 22 goals along with PSV and label the top scorer was indeed stuck in self Depay. But, the Netherlands national team players once again this is not a pure striker. Along with PSV, Depay often play in the left-wing sector, instingnya is indeed nice, classy free-kick, but again he was not a pure striker, Van Free!.

[Featured]: 95%Loss and 5% profit, if MU Kick Van Persie

If ditilisik with the composition of the current players, Louis van Gaal reacted will likely implement the formation 4-2-3-1, with Rooney becoming the sole striker while sustained Memphis Depay, Juan Mata, and Angel di Maria. The position of defensive midfielder will stay filled and Michael Carrick also Marouane Howard.

But in a season whether Rooney can keep fit and score a goal? Indeed there still is James Wilson. 19 year-old young man is indeed the new hope THY last season. Scored four goals in a single season, Wilson could be said to be performing brilliantly alongside senior squad. But it's definitely not enough to make it as the backbone of a team that has a row of most Premier League title with a collection of 20 trophies.

But don't forget, Robin van Persie is still there in THY squads. ...

The Red Devils are indeed currently holds full ownership of Robin van Persie. However, Turkey Club, Fenerbahce advances increasingly makes MU ketar-ketir. The reason, the Club nicknamed "Sarı Kanaryalar had officially confirm their interest in bringing Van Persie. Moreover, Van Gaal reacted also indicated his favorite players will kickin that Netherlands national team next season.

Van Persie even preached had agreed to change to the uniform of Red into yellow-black. It happened after the Red Devil has agreed to take off the Netherlands for meneer 4.7 million pounds to get away from Old Trafford. This weekend, Van Persie is scheduled to undergo medical tests to the last stage before joining Fenerbahce.

Although Van Persie last season scoring just 10 goals, Captain of the Netherlands national team leadership style much needed squad for The Red Devils. It goes without play, Van Persie figures to sit dibangku reserves are enough to make young players MU like Wilson, Adnan Januzaj, Luke Shaw excited. Another option, if later MU experience deadlocks on the front-line in a game, after Van Persie played. The experience of 18 years being a striker is sure to have results!

[Featured]: 95%Loss and 5% profit, if MU Kick Van Persie

Remember Van Persie goal against Manchester City, 9 December 2012. At that timeall the matches of this 30 year old attacker successfully turned off the tight defense of The Citizens who digawangi by Vincent Kompany (who replaced Kolo Toure minutes-21) and Matija Nastasic. Not even just two of these parallel, Defender Gareth Barry, playing in midfield any join keep Van Persie. As a result, the match runs in 90 minutes, Van Persie could not do much and most of the parties think the score will be 2-Rangers (MU had a 2-0 lead in advance but likened by two goals in the City), butVan Persie out as heroes.

Beginning from the movement of Rafael piercing from the right side, Carlos Tevez dropping original Brazil Defender that, referee Martin Atkinson blew the whistle signviolations directly to the left of the penalty box goalkeeper Joe Hart. Van Persie whisper to Wayne Rooney, "I will take these kicks,".

Rooney agreed, and moved as if to want to kick, Van Persie immediately welcomed with a curved left foot kick, Samir Nasri banged! and Boooom!, the ball went into Joe Hart. MU won the Manchester derby.

The story is pretty interesting and increasingly clear that Van Persie is capable of becoming the differentiator in one match. As Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo whohas always been a hero for Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Yet the story enough? There is one more story. Premier League season 2014-2015, the Manchester United match against Chelsea at Old Trafford (27/10/2015). 

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