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Matteo Darmian Impatiently Trained Van Gaal Reacted

Matteo Darmian admitted to not wait for the Manchester United manager trained, Louis van Gaal reacted. He assesses the Netherlands origin man could help develop football career.

Manchester United officially announced has been getting players back the origin of Italy it from Turin with a transfer value is reportedly reaching 12.7 million pounds ($ 262 billion). Darmian tied up a contract for four years with a one year extension option.

"To work with Louis van Gaal reacted, managers who have already gained a lot in football, is an interesting prospect," said Darmian is quoted in the official website of MU.

Darmian add moving to the Club winning 20 Premier League title was like a dream come true. Because for him, MU is one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Matteo Darmian Impatiently Trained Van Gaal Reacted

"I am happy with the time I spent in Turin and I want to thank the Club and the fansfor all they've done for me," he said.

"I am sure they can understand when the opportunity to join the world's biggest clubs coming, I have to do it," imbuh Darmian.

Manchester United purchased the star of Bayern Munich, Bastian Schweinsteiger. In fact, Germany was already bleeding players age 30 years. He counted already no longer young, live football career a matter of three to four years. It turns out that, throughout its history the MU does indeed love to purchase a player unintentionally. Anyone?

Midfield MU reinforce new energy for wading through competition season 2015-2016. Red Devils bring Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern Munich.

To get the signatures of Schweinsteiger, MU had to pay of 6 million pounsterling ($ 123 billion). Schweinsteiger is lined with the duration of the contract for the next three seasons.

The decision brought THY Schweinsteiger turns out to reap the negative reactions from audiences and football. One of them, former Liverpool defender who is now working as a journalist, Jamie Carragher.

Matteo Darmian Impatiently Trained Van Gaal Reacted

Man United Kingdom actor it is assessing the decision of YOURS bring big blundersbecause Schweinsteiger is the player had passed the prime time. It turns out that before Schweinsteiger, there are five other players who had passed the time Cole THYgolden age.

1. Laurent Blanc
Laurent Blanc brought THEE from Inter Milan in 2001, or when the 36-year-old player. Blanc could be expected to partner the best goalkeeper Fabien Barthez in the heart of the defense.

Yes, combination of both then became a puast considerate lovers the world over take football France national team won the 1998 World Cup.

Alas, Blanc failed to do their job well over uniformed MU. She decided after season two shoe pendant memerkuat MU. During the period of his devotion, Blanc recorded 75 appearances and scored four goals.

2. Fabien Barthez
France national team deliver successful won the 1998 World Cup made the MU haswreaked Barthez. Moreover, MU has just pulled off its flagship goalie, Peter Schmeichel.

Barthez brought THEE from AS Monaco at the age of 30 years. The inaugural men'sorigin France it is incredible. He successfully brought THEE find their Premier Leaguetrophy United Kingdom 2000-2001 season, or the third consecutively.

All time his devotion, Barthez memersembahkan United Kingdom two Premier League titles. In October 2003, Barthez decided to leave Marseille, before eventually retired on August 8, 2006.

3. Raimond van der Gouw
Van der Gouw arguably as players who have shone when he brought the original Club MU of Netherlands Vitesse Arnhem. He was 33 years old kala first wore the RedDevils.

Matteo Darmian Impatiently Trained Van Gaal Reacted

But throughout her career in MU, van der Gouw was only able to become second goalkeeper under Peter Schmeichel. Most appearances van der Gouw along MU is on the 1999-2000 season. He recorded 22 times and deliver THEE into United KingdomLeague champions.

The arrival of Fabien Barthez in the season 2000-2001 made van der Gouw again lost his place in the first team. He retired on 2006 or at the age of 44 years.

4. Edwin van der Sar
Van der Sar imported MU from Fulham at the age of 35 years. Despite the age of the twilight moment would go home, van der Sar is reaping success immeasurably together.

In fact, coach Sir Alex Ferguson label van der Sar as the best goalkeeper of all time after Peter Schmeichel MU.

The season of 2007-2008 into van der Sar's best season at MU. Origin of the Netherlands that men take THEE Premier League title United Kingdom. In fact, van der Sar into a decisive success of MU grabbed the trophy after Champions League penalty against Nicolas Anelka V.

an der Sar recorded six seasons ever defend you. He succeed memersembahkan four United Kingdom League trophy, three FA Cup, one Champions League title, and the Club World Cup. Van der Sar retired on 28 May 2011.

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