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Want To Leave, Sterling Pre Season Touring Defends Liverpool

Raheem Sterling determination to leave Liverpool this season seems to have gone round. Recently, the 20-year-old player was declined following the pre-season tour of The Reds.

Sterling rumored Daily Mail prefers to live in the United Kingdom rather than lead a tour to Asia along with his club. He has already met with Manager Brendan Rodgersto explicate his decision.

Word got out, Sterling wants to focus complete the process of transfer to Manchester City. The Club's Manuel Pellegrini was indeed a glance at Sterling. Even two bidshave been submitted to hook the Sterling City denied Liverpool. Now The Citizens are ready to raise a new bid worth 50 million pounds ($ 1 trillion) in order to land theplayer to Etihad Stadium.

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Want To Leave, Sterling Pre Season Touring Defends Liverpool

Sterling contract with The Reds in fact recently discharged in 2018. However, since the end of the 2014-2015 season player United Kingdom origin that santer is rumored to be resigned after refused to accept a new contract with a salary of 100 thousand pounds ($ 2 billion) per week.

The name Sterling is indeed being becomes warm in the stock transfer talks of players this summer. The prolonged saga related moving this bandwagon to make former Liverpool manager Roy Evans, foster talk.

Evans already should judge The Reds sold Sterling. The sales results of the money can be used buy players who are much more classy.

"If you look at the stock price and transfer of players who've already purchased Liverpool, the sale of Sterling's been ascertained would happen," demolished Evans.

Simpang confusing matter of the future of Manchester United, goalkeeper David deGea does not appear to make the player take the dizziness. Although rumors aboutgusts arriving to Madrid's increasingly getting toned, De Gea still live out his days with normal.

Want To Leave, Sterling Pre Season Touring Defends Liverpool

Current, Spain-born goalkeeper was spotted shopping with two fun Central colleague, Juan Mata and Ander Herrera, after undergoing an exercise Prime along with MU in Carrington. Wearing a white shirt, dark blue jeans, and the bonnet, De Gea looked relaxed spending his money coffers at The Trafford Centre, which is at the Manchester.

Later De Gea indeed santer preached will leave Manchester United and join Real Madrid. De Gea who did the original birth of Madrid, had said his dream in football is defending the Los Blancos.

Rumor De Gea was invited more rampant after former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper until now has not been willing to extend his contract along with the Red Devils. If later, De Gea who tied up a contract with Manchester United until June 2016 does notwant to extend his contract, then Louis van Gaal reacted orphanage squads can loseDe Gea.

Arsenal again contracted with young players. This time The Gunners announced it has reached agreement with the 16 year old Defender Jordi Osei-Tutu from Reading.

As quoted from the official Club, Osei-Tutu is one of three players who got the chance to graze Scholarship with Arsenal. However, he would first studied at the Academy of The Gunners.

In addition to Osei-Tutu, there's the name Vlad Dragomir from ACS Poli Timisoara and also Lens attacker Yassin Fortune. They have been first get a scholarship of the original city of London clubs.

A total of 11 players have earned a scholarship program of the Arsenal. While three others young signed a professional contract.

The official website of Arsenal at Youtube released a video featuring a profile of midfielder Jack Wilshere, from the Academy to grab his first trophy at the Club.

Want To Leave, Sterling Pre Season Touring Defends Liverpool

In the video lasts four minutes 24 seconds that Wilshere, looking back at his old photographs, ranging from during her still in the Academy to win his first trophy Arsenal with The Gunners. Not only that, he also tried to commemorate the moment-momennya when he signed his first army Arsene Wenger.

On another occasion, Wilshere also voiced reserved it feels like playing in the Premier League, known as the League's most relied on physical contact between players.

"The intensity of the Premier League is outstanding. Fitness level you must achieve in order survive in the League is absurd. When you are absent for a few months, it's hard to come back again. It all takes hard work in the gym alongside a physiotherapist, a specialist, you have to try everything possible. "

"Our players were weighed every week and have to undergo tests to check the levels of DEXA heavy muscles and fat levels. There is no way to avoid the tests, "he explained to men's Health.

Manchester City midfielder, Yaya Toure, claiming to utilize this summer vacation time to recover physically and mentally the face next season. He also promised to give the best to carry the City captured the Premier League title from Chelsea.

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