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This Reason Begovic Select Chelsea

Manchester United's decision brought Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern Munich are questionable legendary Liverpool Defender Jamie Carragher. According to him, the Summit of the glorious Schweinsteiger has passed.

Germany-born Player was removed MU with the dowry of 6 million pounds ($ 123 billion). Schweinsteiger is lined with the duration of the contract for the next three seasons.

"Schweinsteiger is great players. But, in Bavaria in Munich he difficulties working with Xabi Alonso. Interesting to see how cooperation with Michael Carrick, "admits Carragher as reported by Sky Sports.

"His best players lose THY, David De Gea. Now, they buy players that time Prime has passed. It's like, this very bad decision, "he added.

This Reason Begovic Select Chelsea

However, not all people agreed with football Carragher. Former national team striker Gary Lineker, the United Kingdom, instead praising the decision of YOURS bring Schweinsteiger.

"Schweinsteiger is a good purchase for you. He can pass on his experience. He is a brilliant player, "said Lineker.

The 2014-2015 season Schweinsteiger minimal opportunity to defend Bavaria. Recorded, the 30-year-old player was only 28 appearances and scoring five goals.

Goalkeeper Asmir Begovic followed in the footsteps of Radamel Facao joined Chelsea. The 28-year-old player that expose the reason choosing Chelsea. What is it?

After five and a half seasons ever defended Stoke City, Begovic decided to leave Chelsea. Bosnia and Herzegovina origin goalkeeper to sign a contract duration of four seasons.

"I really like my life at Stoke City. But, it's time for me to continue to evolve as a player. I am very happy with Chelsea, "said Begovic as reported by Sky Sports.

"After talking with the Manager, I felt I could develop here and become an important part for the team. I can hardly wait to meet the team and lead a tour of pramusim, "he added.

Along with The Blues, Was wearing the costume of a numbered Jersey, previously used by Petr Cech. Meanwhile, Courtois retain numbering 13.

Begovic's presence certainly makes Courtois ketar-ketir. This season alone, seven vendors of Begovic clean sheet of 35 matches.

This Reason Begovic Select Chelsea

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger joined the Liverpool star commenting on the transfer saga, Raheem Sterling. Wenger calls Sterling as a good purchase for Manchester City, although the Fund issued is very expensive.

Liverpool and Manchester City reportedly had reached agree to transfer a matter ofSterling. Funds of around 49 million pounds or approximately USD 1 trillion digelontorkan The Citizens to land players aged 20 years to Etihad Stadium.

Many parties considered the price of Sterling outrageously expensive for new players who stepped on 20 years. However, Wenger has a different opinion. Braga playing style Sterling who was able to stab from the side of the field and scored to make it think the City was lucky to be able to get the service Sterling.

"It seems an agreement has been reached because Sterling insisted to go. For me, the Sterling is a top player. This purchase is good for man. City. It is indeed expensive but they can get lucky, "Wenger was quoted as saying from the Daily Mail.

"Personally I love Raheem Sterling. We never consider (to buy) because he played inan area that we've got the players in that place. We've got Theo Walcoot, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis Sanchez, Jaxk Wilshere who can play on the wing, "said Wenger.

This Reason Begovic Select Chelsea

Last season featured prominent indeed Sterling post left Luis Suarez to Barcelona and also Daniel Sturridge who dibekap injuries. Placed as the main attacker, Sterlingable to carry the task given to Brendan Rodgers with a gelontoran 11 goals in 52 matches in all competitions.

The Liverpool Manager, Brendan Rodgers finally lifting is speaking of his youngstar's transfer rumors, Raheem Sterling. Rodgers stated Sterling already no longer the players The Reds for next season.

Rodgers is currently accompanying Liverpool for melakoni pramusim tours in Thailand. In the press conference session, Rodgers explains in clear reserved status of Sterling.

Yes, Sterling is indeed central to become warm after the talks to extend his contractand opted to leave. This condition progressively reinforced after Manchester City that became the most interested Club is said to have been reached with Liverpool agree to transfer problem of youth aged 20 years. Reportedly, City have to spend reaches 49 million pounds or equivalent to Rp 1 trillion.

"The situation (Sterling) very straightforward. The Club has agreed with other clubs reserved the transfer deal is Sterling and it will immediately undertake medical tests, "said Rodgers as quoted from the Daily Mail.

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