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Harry Kane did indeed Enter the Target List, but ...

Manchester United reportedly interested in Sky Sports recruiting attackers Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Kane, on stock transfer of summer 2015. However, MU referred tohas not filed a proposal to trasfer Spurs for Kane.

Sky Sports deliver the claim to straighten out the information that is reported in a number of United Kingdom media on Sunday (5/1/2015), namely that MU had contacted Spurs to explore the possibility of recruiting Kane. According to Sky Sports, MUcoach Louis van Gaal reacted consider recruiting Kane, but have yet to take a decision.

Kane called the desired list entry Van Gaal reacted because of their performance in the Premier League of the 2014-2015, namely scoring 21 goals and four assists in 34appearances. On the other hand, MU had called the new attacker recruiting needs, because their front-line situation currently cannot be called convincing. Moreover, in 2015-2016, MU will also perform in the Champions League.

Harry Kane did indeed Enter the Target List, but ...

In the last season, MU had two attackers who cannot be called play by the expectation of Robin van Persie and Radamel Falcao. In the Premier League by 2014-2015, Van Persie scored two goals and ten assists in 27 appearances, while Falcao scored four goals and four assists in 26 appearances.

Falcao play for MU since 1 September 2014 with the status of the loan from AS Monaco for a period of one season. THY have the option mempermanenkan the status of ownership of Falcao, but do not use that option. Since 3 July 2015, Falcao played for Chelsea, as well as with the status of the loan for one season from AS Monaco.

For Van Persie, he bought MU of Arsenal on 17 August 2012 and still had a contractuntil June 30, 2016. According to the proclamation in the United Kingdom, there is alikelihood MU pulled off Defender to Fenerbahce on stock transfer of summer 2015.

MU still had one attacker: Javier "Chicharito" Hernadez. However, Chicharito who was loaned out to Real Madrid in the season 2014-2015, also could not be expected tobe able to help the team on the early season 2015-2016 because of the restoration in the middle of the shoulder injury.

Chicharito injury when defending Mexico against Honduras in a friendship game, on July 2, 2015. Chicharito is expected to recover from injury it within four weeks.

Harry Kane did indeed Enter the Target List, but ...

So, so farMU had only two chances the striker is ready to perform, while magpies next season's inaugural Premier League against Tottenham Hotspur, on 8 August 2015. Two attackers it was Wayne Rooney and James Wilson (19 years). On paper, the two players also doubted could be the solution to the problem of Red Devil.

In the last season, Rooney scored only 12 goals and five assists in 33 appearances in the Premier League. Rooney is believed to not contribute to expectations because he spent last season by playing in a number of different positions, among others, the main striker and striker hole. Van Gaal reacted need to give Rooney a special exercise program if it wants to make it a main striker next season.

About Wilson, these players have potential, but not yet sufficiently tested. All the Premier League last season, Wilson scored one goal in 13 appearances, with eleven of them as a substitute.

Seeing the situation, MU does indeed need to recruit a striker on stock transfers this summer. When compared to Wilson, Kane is realistic for you. According to Transfermarkt, MU requires at least 15 million euros, or approximately USD 15 billion to recruit Kane, who still had a contract until June 30, 2020 with the Spurs.

The attackers later Liverpool, Roberto Firmino, plead impatiently feeling the intensecompetition in the Premier League. He was optimistic would penetrate the core of the squads at once helps The Reds find their Champions Trophy.

Firmino bailed Liverpool from Hoffenheim with a transfer value was estimated at 29 million pounds. With bandrol, Firmino became one of the most expensive purchase of The Reds, even the most expensive sale of Hoffenheim.

Harry Kane did indeed Enter the Target List, but ...

With Liverpool, players 23 years old will get a long-term contract. However, no definite mention of how salary will be accepted along with The Red Firmino.

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The presence of Roberto Firmino is expected to add to Liverpool's attack power gedor. Moreover, since the departure of Luis Suarez as well as injuries that often hit Daniel Sturridge makes the front-line as Liverpool lost the Spurs.

"First and foremost, I stared into the future to confront a new challenge and I'm very excited with what will be offered Premier League," said Firmino told the LiverpoolEcho.

"Of course, for me everything will start from scratch. I have to get used to the new style of play, but I also get a chance to improve. Obviously, I want to be a starter in the team and celebrate a lot of success with Liverpool, "he added.

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