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Van Gaal reacted not want Depay Fared the same as Di Maria

The Manchester United goalkeeper Victor Valdes is rumored to leave Manchester United this season. Former Barcelona goalkeeper that santer is rumoured to be joining the Club Antalyaspor, Turkey.

33-year-old player was a new prize for championing the Red Devils. However, whatpower, under the direction of Manager Louis van Gaal reacted, Valdes had a lot of track record. Valdes compete with David de Gea preferred as first choice goalkeeper tim by Van Gaal reacted.

Representatives of Antalyaspor, Hasan Ali Ceylan has been announced that the transfer process with Valdes has begun.

"We are in talks with Victor Valdes. After an agreement is reached, then the world'sstar players will be playing for Antalyaspor, "said Ceylan as reported by Eurospor TR.

Van Gaal reacted not want Depay Fared the same as Di Maria

Antalyaspor is a vigorous middle clubs bring in world players. Previously, they hadmanaged to get Samuel Eto'o and lived another step hook Ronaldinho.

If Valdes so leave Old Trafford, then THY should be hastily bring a new goalkeeper, considering they also threatened the loss of De Gea Central became the main targetof Real Madrid.

The presence of anyer, Defender Matteo Darmian at Manchester United making the position of Rafael da Silva is at the tip of the Horn. Reportedly, the MU plans soon took off Rafael to other clubs.

Like loaded Guardian, the Brazil footballer kian near anchored to Turkey Club, Galatasaray. Last season, under Manager Louis van Gaal reacted, Miss Rafael less nice. More often struggling with injury forcing Rafael must compete with Antonio Valencia.

Rafael is actually still has one year left on his contract, but United are believed not to renew the contract. In contrast, the Red Devils had a great stronghold allowed Rafael leave Old Trafford.

If true, then this 25 year old players would follow in the footsteps of two former penggawa MU, Robin van Persie and Luis Nani, who had decided to flee Turkey. Nani has already formally uniformed Fenerbahce, while RvP lived another step wearing the same jersey with Nani.

Meanwhile, Darmian now prepare to undergo medical tests in MU. After that, if the results of her medical tests OK, former players of Torino that will soon sign a contract duration of four years with The Red Devils.

Van Gaal reacted not want Depay Fared the same as Di Maria

Darmian, recognized himself was looking forward tried his new Club United Kingdom League along with it.

"I am very happy and ready to live new adventures. The move to Manchester Unitedis a dream come true. I am a person who believes in superstition so do not want tosay anything more until I signed a contract, "shot Matteo Darmian.

The heavy burden shouldered by prospective new players in Manchester United, the Memphis Depay. Since officially purchased from PSV Eindhoven on a three months ago, Depay has been digadang-gadang will become the mainstay players United.

Along with plans for the departure of Robin van Persie to Fenerbahce, Radamel Falcao to Chelsea and Javier Hernandez who injuries, Manager Louis van Gaal reacted is likely to depend on the Depay in the front-line team.

Despite their high expectations on the new players that, Van Gaal reacted assess Depay still need to adapt when League career in United Kingdom. For Van Gaal reacted, the success of the Depay became the top scorer with 22 goals while still defending the PSV is not a guarantee of success in the League which is considered the most competitive in the world.

Van Gaal reacted not want Depay Fared the same as Di Maria

"I think Depay is a talented young player who most of the world because he is full of confidence. But we know it will not be easy to adapt to her in the United Kingdom, "said Van Gaal reacted as reported by the Express.

"This is a huge difference from the League of Netherlands, in the United Kingdom there is always pressure when controlling the ball, need strong physical resilience anyway so here is more difficult," added Manager Netherlands origin it.

Van Gaal reacted not want Depay bernasih same as Angel di Maria who failed to give the appearance of thriving on last season, when winger origin Argentina it bought at a high price i.e. Rp 1.1 trillion.

"I have said it to the Depay. He's confident but I know it's not easy. Players such asMarcos Rojo and Angel di Maria had a similar problem when it comes. I will certainly give him time to adapt, "pungkasnya.

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