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Milner: I'll fill your Cupboard with Liverpool the trophy

Manchester United are reportedly back get a new player on the stock transfer this summer. The Red Devils signed young Defender Turin, Matteo Darmian.

According to a report from BBC Radio, THY have to spend of £ 14 million or Rp 288billion worth to purchased the Darmian to Old Trafford. However, it is not yet known how long the duration of the contract players aged 25 years.

Darmian is the figure of a player who needed a Manager Louis van Gaal reacted tonext season. Because, it can be placed anywhere on a line of Defense.

News of the move certainly makes Darmian gutted several European clubs. BecauseBayern Munich, and two Italy Serie A League club, Napoli and AC Milan also wants to buy Darmian.

So far the new MU land Memphis Depay from PSV Eindhoven on a stock transfer earlier this season. The management of The Red Devils was rumored to have to menggelontorkan the funds up to 25 million pounds sterling in order could get the service Depay.

Milner: I'll fill your Cupboard with Liverpool the trophy

The Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal reacted not hesitate expressed his fascination to star players Lionel Messi, Barcelona. According to him, Messi was able to maintain consistency of his game and has a humble attitude.

The 28-year-old player it is one of the world's best players who never existed. Van Gaal reacted admitted can only praise the greatness of Messi.

"Messi will prove themselves in almost every match," said Van Gaal reacted in the official website of Manchester United.

"Even though he has great talent, he is very simple. I think that nature is inside a Messi and I highly respect him, "continued the man ever Barca in 1997 for directing it.

MU will face Barcelona in the Champions Cup International Tournament at the end of this month. Van Gaal reacted plead impatiently already met with a number of his old colleagues in Catalan.

Milner: I'll fill your Cupboard with Liverpool the trophy

"It would be nice if I could meet old friends, but there are also a lot of new players," said Van Gaal reacted.

"Barcelona still reinforced with a number of players I've ever trained. Not just the players, the staff still remain there, "he added.

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Origin of the Netherlands men it claims to be proud of a former asuhnya i.e. Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta who have career success with Barca. Although in the end, Ronaldo decided to leave it to Al Sadd this season.

"Of course, you will feel glad if there are players who debuted under the care you've played a long time for the Club. Xavi and Iniesta is for example, similarly, with VictorValdes, "recalled Van Gaal reacted.

Rekrutan upgrade for Liverpool, James Milner, ready lift The Reds triumphed againnext season. Milner has even promised to bring some trophies to Liverpool next season.

The Reds success bring Milner with the status of a free transfer from Manchester City. It means the five-year romance disconnected Milner with The Citizens.

The arrival of Milner's clear add the strength of Liverpool's midfield. Moreover, foster care Brendan Rodgers has just lost its figures Steven Gerrard that next season would uniformed Los Angeles Galaxy.

"To be honest, I'm happy with a closet full of medals. It's the reason why I came here, "said Milner was quoted as saying from the Mirror.

Milner: I'll fill your Cupboard with Liverpool the trophy

"I want to enjoy my game, a great game and show people what I can. I would like todo just about anything in your career and being the best player I can be. I will continue to improve every day, "close Milner.

For The uniformed Citizens, Milner managed to memersembahkan the two Premier League titles, the FA Cup, Community Shield and the Capital One Cup.

Number seven-the legacy of Luis Suarez finally gets a new master. Is James Milner rekrutan upgrade for Liverpool who would wear it next season.

Suarez was indeed incarnate the iconic port city before the team was invited to Barcelona in 2014. A record 69 goals in 110 matches with The Reds made him much loved public Anfield. Basketball Jersey seven becomes special for Liverpool and his supporters.

For this is obviously a load of Milner to be borne on his back. The reason, wearing the same number with Suarez will make it continue to be compared with the originalUruguay striker. However, Milner was not daunted and ready to prove himself worthy to get the number seven.

"I wear the number seven at Manchester City, but at a club like Liverpool You can wear any number. But that makes me happy because any number had used great players before, "said Milner was quoted as saying from the Mirror.

"I know the number seven is very special for this team and hopes to be a special player for Liverpool. Hopefully I can feel proud to wear the jersey and win the game as much as possible for Liverpool, "said the former penggawa Manchester City.

It was not until there, Milner also recognizes always feel charmed by the atmosphere that exists at Anfield Stadium.

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